Alison Borthwick

International Education & Mathematics Adviser

Alison is a mathematics adviser, lecturer, researcher, qualified teacher, author and learner. Her career has spanned primary, secondary, HEI and advisory roles. She is chair of the primary ATM and MA group, a member of the primary contact group for ACME, and a member of the Early Childhood Mathematics Group. She is also a STEM ambassador and a governor.

Alison has written several books and articles, including her most recent publications: The Trainer Toolkit (2020) and Reasons to Reason across Primary Maths and Science (2018).  She also writes for UK and international journals, and has presented papers around the world.

Alison is passionate about making mathematics accessible, stimulating and enjoyable for all.

Mathematics CPD 2021 - 2022

Leadership in Mathematics Education

Primary Subject Leader Mathematics Consortium; EYFS Mathematics Consortium; Subject Leader Bespoke Support; Whole School Mathematics Review; Coaching.

Research in Mathematics Education

EYFS and Y1 Pattern Action Research Project; Maths Hub Work Groups.

Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics

45 minture CPD Sessions; Tailored INSET, staff meetings or twilights. 

PD courses on Teaching Fractions, Multiplication Tables, Greater Depth, Counting to Calculating, using the Bar Model, Thinking and Reasoning, Solving Problems or Problem Solving... and more!

  • Strategic leader and developer of staff and consultants 
  • Excellent communication skills
  • International f2f and online trainer and facilitator and adviser with experience in 22+ countries
  • Award winning keynote speaker
  • Enthusiastic, positive and inspirational teacher and leader 
  • Researcher, writer, co-author, editor and reviewer of published books, journals and papers
  • Personable and approachable
  • Designing, planning and delivery of workshops
University of East Anglia

University of East Anglia PhD

Doctor of Philosophy

University of East Anglia

University of East Anglia MA

Master of Arts in Education and Professional Development

University of London

University of London

Advanced Certificate of Educational Studies in Leadership of AfL and APP

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Department for Education

Certificate of Consultants for Improvement Accreditation in Primary Stronger Management Systems including ISP

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Section 5 inspector

University of Surrey

University of Surrey

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Education and Theology and Religious Studies, with Qualified Teacher Status


Strategic Adviser to Schools and Trusts across the UK

Strategic Adviser to Schools Internationally

Trainer, leader, manager, consultant, adviser

Clip art of mathematics

Mathematics and Education Consultant

UK and abroad


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Cambridge Assessment International Education

Mathematics and Education Consultant

Trainer, keynote speaker, facilitator, writer, mentor

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NRICH, University of Cambridge

Primary Coordinator

Development, planning and delivering of teacher professional development courses

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Educator Solutions

Mathematics Advisor, Education Advisor

Trainer, facilitator, team leader, conference organiser, strategist, HTPM consultant

West Flegg middle school

West Flegg Middle School

Park Hill Junior School


Subject leader